I keep getting "Something went wrong" on a profile / song. Why?

If this error has occurred for you, don't worry! You're not alone in this. Everyone experiences this on Desktop when it comes to browsing TikTok. 

Here's a couple solutions below to help fix this!

Why is this happening?

You are visiting too many profiles or links on TikTok and TikTok is detecting your activity as possible spam. As a result of that they temporarily block you from loading certain parts of TikTok, including loading more videos or viewing the For You feed.

This is NOT because of TikTok but moreso a precaution that TikTok does in general, regardless if you have the TOKaudit Chrome Extension installed.

How to fix it:

Solution #1
Unfortunately the only thing you can do at this moment is to stop going on TikTok for about 5minutes and let the system "reset". Again this is unrelated to TikTok and just happens to anyone who browsers TikTok on desktop. After waiting for 5minutes you should be good to go again!

Solution #2
Open up an incognito browser, visit TikTok.com again and you should be good to go! The only downside is you're not able to login to your  TikTok account in Incognito  mode as it'll retrigger the system again.

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