TokAudit isn't working?

You just downloaded TokAudit and it's not working... Wtf is this??

Did you signup for TokAudit, and it's not working? We understand how frustrating it can be when you're excited about a new service and it doesn't quite work as anticipated. 
Don't worry, we have a fix, and they take 30secs to do!
Below are 3 common reasons why TokAudit may not be working for you.

✅ Solution #1: Update TokAudit

This is the most common reason why TokAudit isn't working but it's a very quick solution.
In order to get TokAudit working properly, you need to update to the most current version, as we make sure to update TokAudit very frequently.

Quick Video walkthrough:

Quick Instructions to manually update:

  • You need to uninstall TokAudit. Click here to go to click "remove extension".
  • As soon as you uninstall, reinstall TokAudit again and login like you normally would.
  • Visit any profile and hit "reload / refresh" to activate TokAudit.

✅ Solution #2: Reload & Refresh

Sometimes Chrome Extensions "get stuck" and need a quick reload / refresh and that's it! 

Quick Video walkthrough:

Quick Instructions to manually update:

  • When on a TikTok profile reload / refresh (Ctrl+R | CMD+R)
  • As soon as the profile reloads TokAudit should work instantly. The widget on the left-side being an indication of it working.

✅ Solution #3: Extension Conflict

Sometimes Chrome Extensions can conflict with one another and cause both to either stop working, or to get a little buggy. The solution is pretty straight-forward
and the way to see if this is the issue is even easier.

Quick Video walkthrough:

Quick Instructions to manually update:

  • Click the puzzle piece icon on the top right corner of the browser, near the Chrome Extensions
  •  Find and Locate TOKaudit
  • Click "Details" button
  • Turn on "Allow in Incognito"
  • Click the 3 dots on the top right corner 
  • Click "New Incognito Window"
  • Visit a TikTok Profile and see if TokAudit works.

If TokAudit works in incognito, it's not working because you currently have another conflicting TikTok-related Chrome Extension running. Simply uninstall or "turn off" that Chrome Extension, reload TikTok, and TokAudit should work instantly!

Still need help?

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