Scanning profile doesn't work?

If you have installed TokAudit and nothing seems to be working or you don't see the TokAudit widget on the left side column (like the screenshot below) - No worries it's a simple fix!

IF TokAudit is stuck, non-responsive, or you don't see the widget loading on the left side column like the screenshot below - all you need to do is Refresh / Reload the profile! Here's how you do it.

Step 1:
Simply hit the Circle Arrow on the top left area of the Google Chrome browser to reload the page. Or you can use the hotkeys on your keyboard (PC = CTRL +R   |   MAC = CMD + R) and quickly reload the page.

Step 2:
As soon as you do that TokAudit will instantly start working for you. Unfortunately this is something that is not within our control but a simple reload always does the trick

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